Waste to Energy to Hydrastep

As we continue to completely decarbonise electricity generation, Waste to energy (or bioenergy) has proven to be a safe, efficient and a greener way of producing power. Although there are concerns about the emissions from burning, waste to energy actually produces far less CO2 than a coal plant and tackles our long-term problems with landfills that produce toxins and greenhouse gas emissions which are left out in the open air.

To run a waste to energy plant you need process instrumentation which can make you feel confident in the safety and reliability of your plant, which is where Hydrastep comes in. Hydrastep, has been designed specifically by Delta Mobrey to monitor boiler levels, irrespective of industry in the simplest and most reliable manner making it a great option for all Waste to Energy organisations looking to maximise the smooth operation of their facilities. Giving confidence in knowing their water tube boilers are protected from low water levels as Hydrastep gives a continuous feedback on the levels of water and steam contained within the boiler itself.

Hydrastep’s reliability is a great alternative to sight glass in the monitoring of steam and boiler and was recommended in the CEA’s latest guidance on the safe operations of Water Tube Boilers.  This document BG11 provides designers and operators with a better understanding of water tube boiler systems, specifically how to maintain a boiler system safely and efficiently as well as being environmentally friendly.

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