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  • Boiler Water Level Controls
  • Conductivity Probe
  • Controller
  • Diaphragm Seals
  • Flow Elements
  • Gauges
  • Handheld Communicator
  • Hydrastep / Hydratect
  • Mobrey
  • Switches
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  • CP Pressure Gauge

    CP Pressure Gauge

    Manufactured in stainless steel within the EU, in accordance with EN837 standards. This product is designed for use in corrosive environments and is resistant to chemical attack. The standard capsule material is stainless steel, AISI 316. The CP capsule type pressure gauges are suitable for a wide range of low pressure applications in industries such as oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, refining, power and marine, on dry and clean gasses, air, and exhaust gasses from chimneys.

    Key Features

    • Degree of Protection IP55
    • Nominal Diameter of 100 & 150 mm
    • Stainless steel enclosure as standard
    • Blowout Protection
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    Capsule Type Pressure Gauge, manufactured in stainless steel in the EU to EN837
  • Vibrating Fork Level Switch for Solids and Liquids – DMS & DMT

    Vibrating Fork Level Switch for Solids and Liquids – DMS & DMT

    The Vibrating Fork Level Switch (DMS & DMT series) is the perfect completion of Delta Mobrey’s range of level detection solutions. This instrument completes the range of products for the control of level in tank, silos and pump protection. Solid products like grains or aggregate can be controlled with the Vibrating Rod (VLS), and the application can be expanded to granules and powders with the Vibrating Fork series.

    The same is also available for the controls of liquids, in combination with the Ultrasonic series 003 and all the mechanical float types.

    The vibrating forks are energized and kept in resonance by an electronic circuit. When covered by material, the damping of the vibration is detected by the electronics, which switch the output relay after a configurable time delay. The vibrating fork level switch is the perfect solution for single point level switching in free flowing solids and liquids across a wide density range, covering all the needs from industrial applications to the compactness requirements typical of the applications on machines.

    Key Features

    • Configurable action
    • Threaded or flanged connection
    • Side or top mounting
    • Compact and mini construction available
    • Robust aluminium housing
    • IP67 ingress protection
    • AC or DC supply voltages
    • Atex construction will be available soon
    Stainless steel sensor
  • Electrode for use with both Delta Mobrey’s Hydrastep and Hydratect systems, tested to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures.



    Electrodes are at the heart of our Hydrastep and Hydratect system.

    As well as being essential to the measurement of water and steam, they are also incredibly durable and reliable.

    This is due to their specific design, as each electrode is handcrafted and tested to withstand both extreme pressures and temperatures. As a result they can endure harsh conditions for many years (even decades), ensuring that your plant will continue to operate safely and consistently.

    For use with Hydrastep & Hydratect
  • Level Gauges

    Level Gauges

    Level Gauges

    These level gauges provide high reliability for use in steam and process applications, specifically saturated steam, hot water and aggressive fluids.

    These are available in either Glass Tube, Reflex or Transparent Types and have been used in industrial boilers and chemical aggressive media.

    Made from borosilicate glass with spare shut off valves available.

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    Glass Tube, Reflex & Transparent Types
  • Cooling Tower

    Cooling Tower

    Delta Mobrey’s Cooling Towers are a simple device designed to allow for pressure instruments to operate at excessive temperatures.

    Pressure Device Accessories
  • D45 SMART Level Transmitter – D Series

    D45 SMART Level Transmitter – D Series

    The D45 Smart Level Transmitter is a probe most suited for measuring the level in pressurised tanks.  It is compact yet robust, and is categorised as flameproof and intrinsically safe all with high accuracy. Equipped with a fully welded sensor which guarantees tightness for oil systems, even over long term use.

    This probe can be used with a wide range of connections, making it versatile, and is easily configurable with the D-Software.

    This digital product is part of a family of SMART transmitters, but this one is most beneficial where there is no external access to a tank.

    Key Features

    • ATEX – Flameproof and Intrinsically Safe IECEx – Flameproof and Intrinsically Safe

    • High accuracy ±0.16% • Fully HART ® compatible

    • 4-20mA analogue with digital communications

    • Fully welded sensor guarantees tightness of oil systems for long term usage

    • Programmable range, zero shift, characteristic and damping ratio with local panel keys

    For pressurised tanks with no outside access
  • Pressure Instrument Accessories

    Pressure Instrument Accessories

    Delta Mobrey’s Accessories are all made from a Stainless Steel construction with the option of an exotic material. Providing full protection for the instruments and special signal output.

    Accessories Installation & Protection
  • Thermowells


    Thermowells are used to protect the sensing element of the temperature instrument from corrosion, abrasion and high pressures. They allow the measuring instrument to be removed for recalibration or replacement, without interrupting the flow or stopping the process.

    The bar stock thermowells are available in parallel, tapered or step manufactured variations as required. We offer a large number of customised thermowell designs or materials, to meet the specific requirements of customers. High accuracy and quality of production is an important aspect for our thermowells.

    Key Features

    • Solid bar stock construction or machined from a pipe
    • 1 piece, forged construction available
    • Different materials available or covered with PTFE
    • Full penetration welds
    • Flanges according to ANSI, DIN standard
    • ASME PTC 19.3 Stress calculation available
    • Stop Ring available in case of need
    • Special and customized construction


    Flanged, threaded or customised
  • Flow Element Series

    Flow Element Series

    The most simple and economic method for a flow measurement of liquids or gases, in either compact or standard sizes, dependening upon the application required. A complete system ready for flow measurement with Pressure and Temperature compensation.

    The elements which make up the flow and measurement set are constructed according to ANSI, B16.5/ISO 51

    Key Features

    • Standard construction material: Carbon Steel, Stainless
    Steel. Wide range of exotic material is available according
    to the application requirements
    • Rating ANSI 300, 600, 900, 1500 or DIN starting from PN6.
    • Manufactured from forged piece and completely machined
    with fine and uniform tool finish
    • Standard 2+2 ½”NPTF pressure taps with plugs at 180° for
    universal application on liquid or gasses
    • Orifice plate with handle as standard
    • Jack screw supplied as standard
    • Calculation sheet, dimensional drawing and materials certificates are supplied with the elements as standard
    • Flow direction marked when required



    Orifice plates, venturi & pitot tubes
  • DMSP900SH Level, Contents and Flow Transmitters

    DMSP900SH Level, Contents and Flow Transmitters

    Introducing Delta Mobrey’s new range of Ultrasonic Level Products

    Delta Mobrey level transmitters provide simple installation and non-contact measurement of liquid level, tank contents, or open channel flow.  The transmitters offer IP68 protection and are ideal for enclosed wet wells and sumps.  All models have HART comms for communication with a HART master device such as Delta Mobrey’s DMCU900 controller.  Installation accessories are also available.

    Hart Transmitters Ultrasonic Transmitters
  • DMSP422, DMSP400 and DMSP500 – Ultrasonic Transmitters

    DMSP422, DMSP400 and DMSP500 – Ultrasonic Transmitters

    Delta Mobrey’s Ultrasonic Level Transmitters are your cost-effective solution for reliable level measurement instrumentation. The DMSP Series can be used for virtually all level measurements, and are ideal for mounting over liquid surfaces in tanks or open channel flow. Model options offer HART communication, relay outputs and hazardous area certification. All models have LCD display and push button configuration.

    Key Features

    • Non-contact, continuous measurement of Level, Contents or Open Channel Flow
    • Local LCD display and push button menu for parameter display, configuration and diagnostics
    • Two wire loop powered 4-20mA with HART® output
    • Integral relay output option
    • Speed of sound temperature compensation
    • Configure to ignore disturbing object false echo
    • IP67/68 construction
    • Plastic or painted aluminium enclosure
    Display for chemical and water treatment
  • DMCU900 Control Unit – Ultrasonic

    DMCU900 Control Unit – Ultrasonic

    The DMCU900 Series Universal Controller provides an interface between Delta Mobrey Ultrasonic Transmitters and operators or control systems.

    All models have a large LCD display with push button menu driven programming. Options are available for data logging, with download facility. The DMCU900 provides an intrinsically safe power supply for I.S. transmitters.  The wall mount model has a protective hinged lid with clear visibility of the display.

    The DMCU900 series provides full functionality for configuration and diagnostics of any Delta Mobrey HART ultrasonic transmitter.

    This product, when used in conjunction with Detla Mobrey Ultrasonic level transmitters, can be used to display the level or volume of linear or non-linear tanks, measure open flow for many weirs and flume designs as well as giving high or low alarms for storage tanks.

    Key Features

    • Controller for use with DMSP400, DMSP500 and DMSP900 series level transmitters via HART comms
    • Display measured values, control pumps, actuators and alarms
    • Configure Delta Mobrey HART transmitters, access diagnostics
    • Single or dual transmitter inputs
    • 4-20mA and up to five relay outputs
    • Data logging option with SD card slot and RS485 comms
    • DC or AC power supply
    • Galvanically isolated supply to power Intrinsically Safe transmitters
    Universal HART Input Control Unit
  • D72 Smart HART Temperature Transmitter – D-Series

    D72 Smart HART Temperature Transmitter – D-Series

    The model D72 Smart Temperature Transmitter, part of our D-Series,  is suitable for measuring temperatures between -200°C and 1820°C, and comes with custom probe lengths and various thermowell options, making it suitable for a number of industries where extremes of temperature may occur.  These industries can be the more traditional ones, ie Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals.

    Key Benefits

    •  ATEX – Intrinsically Safe
    •  4-20mA output signal.
    •  Fully HART ® compatible.
    •  Galvanic insulation (In, Out)
    •  Programmable sensor type
    •  Programmable measuring range
    •  Thermoresistance line compensation
    •  Compensation of thermocouple cold junction
    •  Autodiagnostic system
    •  Linearisation of output signal on 20 point curve for specific application is available
    •  Write protection option through DKAP-03 communicator, ‘D-Soft’ program or software using library EDDL
    ATEX accredited, with or without sensor
  • Pressure Switch – Sentry Series

    Pressure Switch – Sentry Series

    The Sentry family of switch products, comprising of PO1, PO2 and PO3,  offers pressure ranges from -1 bar up to +1.5 bar and Pmax up to 15 bar. The one-piece enclosure offers exceptional build quality, across the range, as well as a reduction in the parts needed for manufacture, making it more economic to manufacture and better for the environment. (EAC certification is available on request).

    Key Features
    • SPDT & DPDT Switch Outputs
    • Stainless steel and Aluminium Epoxy Coated Flameproof Enclosure IP66/NEMA4X
    • ATEX / IECEx Flameproof & Intrinsically Safe
    • 316 Stainless Steel Wetted Parts as Standard.
    • Field Adjustable Set-points Against a Reference Scale
    • Pressure Ranges up to 700bar (10,000psi)
    • Maximum Working Pressure up to 1000bar (15,000psi)
    • Safety Vented Design as Standard
    • Suitable for use SIL 2 safety related systems
    • Market leading 5 year warranty

    Flexibility on controls, alarms, price sensitive applications
  • Temperature Switches – Sentry Series

    Temperature Switches – Sentry Series

    The Sentry Series offers exceptional performance and high build quality, it is  ATEX and IECEx Flameproof accredited.  Performance is assured by repackaging Delta Mobrey’s well proven sensor technologies in a new, simple, one-piece enclosure. This repackaging design makes the Sentry series more cost effective as well as environmentally kinder as it uses 70% less material to manufacture.  With a choice of models, the Sentry Series works well in all process plants and can be used in Zone 1 and 2 Hazardous Areas or SIL 2 safety related systems. This Sentry switch is available in models T01 and T02 (EAC certification is available on request).

    Key Features

    • SPDT & DPDT Switch Outputs
    • Aluminium Epoxy Coated Weatherproof Enclosure IP66/NEMA4X
    • ATEX / IECEx Flameproof
    • 316 Stainless Steel capillary and bulb.
    • Field Adjustable Set-points Against a Reference Scale
    • Temperature Ranges up to 350°C (660°F)
    • Safety Vented Design as Standard
    • Suitable for use SIL 2 safety related systems


    High flexibility on controls and alarms
  • D0 Differential Pressure Switch – Sentry Series

    D0 Differential Pressure Switch – Sentry Series

    This Sentry switch is available in models D01, D02 and D03 (EAC certification is available on request).

    Key Features

    • Robust weatherproof, epoxy coated, aluminium housing approved to IP66 and NEMA 4X
    • SPDT and DPDT switch contacts with environmentally and hermetically sealed options
    • Stainless steel wetted parts as standard
    • Better than 1% set-point repeatability
    • Market leading 5 year warranty
    • Pressure ranges from 0.4 to 700 bar (4 to 1500 psi)
    • Pmax up to 1000 bar depending on range
    Weatherproof/Flameproof/Ex ia
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