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    Steam and Water

Water & Wastewater

Water Treatment Plants

Delta Mobrey has been designing and manufacturing instrumentation for process industries for over 65 years and has supported projects in the Water Industries in the UK and worldwide.

Desalination Plants

Desalination is the process of removing salt from sea water or brackish river or groundwater to make potable water. The desalination process involves either a thermal distillation process or membrane system such as reverse osmosis. While the end result of desalination is clean and useful water, there are several aspects of the process which need to be carefully controlled and monitored so as not to negatively impact the environment.

It is at these pre and post-treatment stages where Delta Mobrey instruments operate.

The first Desalination Plants were commissioned in the 70’s however it is only about 15 years that the water shortages in a number of countries, especially in the Middle East, created the rise in water treatment plants.

In 2006 Delta Mobrey was awarded of the first significant order for a complete range of pressure, pressure difference and temperature products to support Engineering, Procurement and Construction of a major Desalination Plant.

International Projects

Delta Mobrey instruments can be found in some of the most important plants, mainly in Middle East Region. 

  • Kahramaa Water Reservoirs and Pumping Stations, Qatar
  • Az Zour phases 1-4 Power and Desalination Plants, Kuwait
  • Arzew IWPP Power & Desalination Plant, Algeria
  • Rome Southern Lazio Potabilization Plant, Italy
  • Shuaibah III Desalination Plant, Saudi Arabia
  • Taweelah A1 Power and Desalination Plant, UAE
Examples of applications

Delta Mobrey’s Instruments are used in a variety of applications including process control and emergency shut-down systems.

High pressure instruments provide control and safety functions:

  • Pressure gauge with contacts to monitor membrane inlet pressure
  • Pressure gauge to monitor membrane discharge pressure
  • Emergency pressure switch for membrane inlet pressure

Low pressure instruments provide control of the lower pressure sections of the plant

  • Pressure transmitters or pressure switches to control inlet pressures to proceses
  • Pressure gauges to monitor inlet pressure
  • Pressure transmitters or pressure switches to control high pressure pump inlet
  • Pressure gauges to monitor all fine filter housings
  • Pressure gauges to monitor brine outlet pressures
  • Pressure gauges to monitor neutralisation filters in and out.

Differential pressure instruments provide control of all filtration activities.

  • Differential pressure gauges to monitor correct working of all filtration systems
  • Differential pressure gauges with contacts or differential pressure switches or differential pressure transmitters to control all filter clogging/degredation

Temperature instruments provide flow and pressure adjustment to manage plant temperature variations.

  • Thermometers with contacts or temperature switches or temperature transmitters to compensate flow and pressure along the plant.
  • Thermometers to monitor the whole process
Product Specification

The range of products available include (see the Product Selection in the Website) 


  • DPC-Series Pressure Transmitters
  • DPR-Series Differential Pressure Transmitters
  • DPT-Series Temperature Transmitters


  • Sentry-Series Low Pressure Switches
  • VM-Series High Pressure Switches
  • S20-Series Adjustable Dead Band Pressure Switches
  • 200-Series Dual Set Point Pressure Switches
  • 300-Series Very Low Differential Pressure Switches
  • S70-Series Temperature Switches


  • GA-Series Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge with and without Contacts
  • DG-Series Differential Pressure Gauges with and without Contacts
  • GB-Series Bimetal Thermometers
  • GI-Series Expansion Gas Thermometers with and without Contacts.


  • Needle Valves in 316SS or NACE Materials
  • 2, 3 and 5 Valves Manifolds in 316SS or NACE Materials
  • Threaded Thermowells from barstock in 316SS or NACE Materials
  • Flanged Thermowells from barstock in 316SS or NACE Materials
  • Siphons in 316SS


Bespoke products

In addition to our standard range of instruments, we have also developed bespoke products for many of our customers whenever a technical solution cannot readily be found ‘off the shelf’.

Our team of engineers are ready to discuss your exact requirements to ensure the product you need for your application is correctly specified and supplied. Please contact us using our enquiry form or by email.

Reverse Osmosis Desalination Unit

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